Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Israel Crisis, Democrat Fundraisers

Obama is an absolutely terrible president.

Yesterday, when a Boeing 777 with 298 on board was shot down, and Israel took action to defend itself against relentless missile attacks, Obama yucked it up at fundraisers.

What a disgrace!

At an appearance in Delaware, before launching into jokes and his prepared crap, Obama referred to the attacked plane and the deaths of 298 people saying, "It looks it may be a terrible tragedy."

"May be"?

Unbelievably stupid!

A "terrible tragedy" would be a malfunction that caused the plane to crash. This was an act of war.

Here's video of Obama's statement:

George Stephanopoulos rightly refers to Obama's remarks as "very brief comments from the president."

He gave less than a minute to the attack.

What Obama said early in the day would have been less unacceptable if he addressed the nation later.

He didn't.

There was no address from the Oval Office discussing this act of war. Nothing.

Compare Obama's behavior with how Ronald Reagan reacted to a Soviet attack on a South Korean airliner in 1983.

From CNS News, via Mark Levin:

That's how a president acts after an attack.

Obama should not be attending fundraisers and campaigning when he should be tending to matters related to the country's security.

Vladimir Putin is really playing Obama.

He didn't pull this stuff when George W. Bush was the president.

Why now?


Obama has no intention of doing anything. He's too busy fundraising and playing politics. Putin knows it. Our enemies know it. Our allies know it. The world knows Obama wants America to take a back seat. The world knows Obama "leads from behind," which is not leading at all.

And what does Obama do about the conflict in Israel?

His State Department puts out a warning for Israel, telling Israel to be more careful in terms of civilian casualties.

Why doesn't Obama condemn Hamas for the barbaric act of using human shields?

Obama's behavior is truly inexcusable.

Obama, the guy who claims not to be interested in photo-ops, spent the day mugging for the cameras and attending two major Democrat fundraisers.

He may be glad that the attack on Flight 17 and the developments in the Middle East conflict have diverted attention from his open borders crisis.

Great timing!

What a horrible, horrible president!

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