Thursday, July 10, 2014

Obama: No Border Visit

Obama is making yet another huge mistake, but his flunkies continue to support him. Obama can do no wrong. If Obama does it, it must be right.

At the moment, his Leftist media and his Democrat allies may not be too critical of his refusal to visit the site of the disaster he created by failing to secure our borders and encouraging countries to dump children and criminals in our country.

Protecting this lawless, imperial president will not end well for the Obama hacks.

The American people know that this mess is Obama's fault, and he refuses to visit the site of crisis.

Playing pool and drinking beer in Colorado?

Fundraising in Texas?

Plenty of time for that.

Obama can't even muster up a hashtag to address the crisis.

People are ticked off, and rightly so.

I don't think you can call this Obama's "Katrina moment."

Katrina was a natural disaster.

Obama has permitted and encouraged this disaster.

A hurricane can't be avoided.

A president deciding to open our borders and put our people at risk is another matter altogether.

It's a disgrace that Obama refuses to go to the site of his disaster.

He was crawling all over the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, but he just can't make it to the border.

What a leader!

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