Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bill Penzey Note: Back to School 2014

Bill Penzey continues to connect his spice business with politics.

What a doofus!

Why not focus on selling a good product to as many consumers as possible? Isn't that smart business?

Instead, Penzey chooses to rip supporters of ACT 10, the wildly successfull ACT 10.

Here's the latest "Note from Bill":

Back to School 2014

Just in time for back to school, our popular Teachers Gift Box is now "New and Improved." We've added the Smoked Paprika to bring a little more excitement and brought a little more warmth to the bumper sticker thanks to our daughter Teddi's artwork. With what we've learned about pin making, the Teach pin is now a real keepsake, which all by itself is worth well more than the limited-time offer price of the Teachers Box. This box really is an amazingly good deal.

With just how admired teachers are across all communities you wouldn't think a gift box for teachers is needed, but it really is. We live in pretty goofy times. There really are millions being spent every year in a coordinated political attack to undermine the position of respect teachers have earned in our communities. We introduced our Teachers Gift Box three years ago at the height of the attack on the teachers in our home state as a way to show not just our own support, but the incredibly wide support teachers have throughout our country. We asked our customers to share their admiration towards teachers, and share they did. In doing so, they made a huge difference.

Teachers are our neighbors, friends and family members. They are the good guys. They are the heroes. So in this election year when teachers are once again coming under fire in so many places as part of a larger effort to de-fund our schools, we ask one more time that you step up to show your support. Too often we hear that there is no sense in trying, that we can't make a difference or that we shouldn't even try to make things better for others. The reality is, when we make even a modest effort to support each other, lives throughout our community quickly change for the better. Cooks understand this. Their kindness heals the world every day.

The Teachers Gift Box really is a good value at $17.99, but we are offering it for a limited time for only $4.95, to enable as many people as possible to share their appreciation for the teachers in their lives in a cool and real way. As cooks you know that showing someone that they are truly cared about makes all the difference in the world. Care about teachers. They have done so much for us it really is time to do something for them.

Thank you,

Oh, good grief!

"There really are millions being spent every year in a coordinated political attack to undermine the position of respect teachers have earned in our communities."

Right. That's the plan, to "undermine the position of respect teachers have earned."

Sometimes I think Leftists like Penzey don't really buy their own garbage. They can't possibly see it this way, right?

An attempt to drag Wisconsin out of debt is construed to be an attack on the value of teachers.

Positively idiotic.

Some teachers are good guys. Some are not. Being employed as a teacher doesn't automatically make one a hero, not even close.

Penzey's goofy suck-up to teachers, in an effort to sell a "Teachers Gift Box," is so lame.

These little "notes" from Bill serve as a reminder to do business somewhere, anywhere, other than Penzeys Spices.

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