Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

About the Ice Bucket Challenge:

Raising money to fight an awful disease is a really good thing.

Bringing in millions and millions of dollars to the ALS Association is a positive. No doubt about that.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has been a success. That's wonderful.

Too often, however, the cause, the purpose of the thing in the first place, hasn't received the attention it should. ALS? What?

In some cases, the videos seem to be more of a narcissistic exercise than a charitable act.

I suspect interest in the Ice Bucket Challenge is at or near its peak. The Challenge will be abandoned soon, tossed in social media's unmarked grave of discarded trends. ALS? What?

In sum--

Good that the ALS Association benefited from the Challenge.

Bad to witness the displays of ego cloaked in caring, and really annoying as hell.

Please donate to the ALS Association if you wish.

Please, please don't post a video of yourself being showered with a bucket of ice water. ENOUGH.

You can quietly do something good. Is it really necessary to tell everyone in the world?

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