Wednesday, August 13, 2014

David Clarke Defeats Chris Moews

Poor Leftists.

The Leftists in Milwaukee tried to take out Sheriff David Clarke.

Michael Bloomberg and Chris Abele invested in Clarke's defeat.

Bad investment.

Channel 12's Mike Gousha was interviewing Clarke live when the station reported that Clarke had won.

It was weird for Channel 12 to say 100% of the precincts were reporting and Clarke was victorious while other outlets like FOX6 and the Journal Sentinel were still holding out hope for those 6000 absentee ballots.

From WISN:

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke narrowly beats challenger Christopher Moews.

With 100 percent of the precincts reporting, Clarke beat Moews 52 to 48 percent, but absentee ballots still need to be counted.

Moews, a Milwaukee police lieutenant, did not concede Tuesday night.

Clarke will face independent candidate, Angela Walker, in the general election in November.
From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. edged Milwaukee police Lt. Chris Moews early Wednesday in a Democratic primary race that drew national attention and more than $600,000 in outside spending.

With all but 6,000 city of Milwaukee absentee ballots counted, Clarke led by more than 4,700 votes. Moews would need nearly 5,400 of those absentee ballots to fall his way, which experts quickly dismissed as impossible.

Shortly before midnight, Moews refused to concede. And shortly thereafter, Clarke told supporters he felt good about his chances but would not declare victory until all ballots were counted.

"We like where we're standing right now," he said.

"Without the air support of talk radio, this would have been very difficult to do," he said.

...Interest in the race grew after former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's political action committee put up more than $150,000 to try to defeat Clarke and his pro-gun stance. In all, outside groups spent more than $550,000 to try to defeat Clarke in what became a political battle of gun control forces vs. Clarke, who received support from the National Rifle Association and other groups.
In his remarks, Clarke mentioned the local talk radio hosts by name.

That was classy.

I wonder if Moews will thank Bloomberg and Abele and Tom Barrett when he concedes.

Maybe he won't concede.


Clarke won, which means Milwaukee County won.

The big money Leftists/Democrats lost.



So much for those 6000 absentee ballots that were going to deliver the election to Moews.

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