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Amber Joy Vinson

UPDATE, October 16, 2014: CDC claims Vinson LIED about her condition.

What are we supposed to believe?

It appears Vinson was not being reckless. The fact that she contacted the CDC shows she had concern for the public.

To me, this looks like the CDC is desperately trying to restore its credibility by dumping on the nurse the CDC failed to protect.

Right. That ship has sailed weeks ago.

The CDC cannot be trusted.

Measures are not being employed to protect Americans. That's a fact.

Panic is not a bad reaction to all this if it wakes people up to the real danger.

I believe we can control Ebola. We just have to make smart decisions, ones that currently are not being made by the buffoons in government being paid to do exactly that.


Amber Joy Vinson

UPDATE, October 15, 2014: 2nd nurse with Ebola had 99.5F temperature before boarding plane
The second Dallas nurse stricken with Ebola shouldn’t have been traveling on a commercial airliner, top health officials said Wednesday, as doctors hastily planned for her transfer to Atlanta.

Amber Joy Vinson, a 29-year-old nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, became ill after having contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who died from the killer virus earlier this month.

It was disclosed Wednesday that Vinson, an Ohio native, has been traveling in recent days.

She was aboard Frontier Airlines Flight 1143 from Cleveland to Dallas/Fort Worth on Monday, officials said. The CDC is trying to track down all 132 people on that flight to make sure they’re OK.

“The second health care worker reported no symptoms and no fever,” CDC director Dr. Thomas Frieden said. “However, because at that point she was in a group of individuals known to have exposure, she should not have traveled.”

Freiden also said that during her self-monitoring, Vinson recorded a temperature of 99.5 — just under the 100.4 fever threshold that would have required her to seek medical attention​, but should definitely kept her off an airliner​.
My prayers are with all those people potentially exposed to this deadly disease because of Vinson's reckless behavior. They and their family members must be terrified, and rightly so.

If anyone gets Ebola because Vinson made the terribly irresponsible decision to fly while presenting a fever, just hours before being diagnosed with Ebola, I hope he/she/they plan to take legal action against the remarkably selfish, clueless Vinson as well as the frighteningly clueless CDC.

There needs to be accountability.

And if anyone becomes ill because selfish airhead Dr. Nancy Snyderman wanted soup, I hope they sue her and NBC.


The carelessness is truly shocking.

Wait. Check this out:


If Vinson did indeed get permission from the CDC to travel, she shouldn't be considered at fault.

But still, common sense should come into play. You know?

Apparently, it's true. Vinson was told by the CDC it was safe for her to fly.

If that's the case, that it was safe, then why does the CDC want to talk to the passengers that were aboard Vinson's flight?

This is such a mess!

I have no faith in the CDC. NONE!

I want Tom Frieden fired. NOW!


Before going to bed last night, I told my husband that I dreaded waking up to today's news. Would there be another person infected with Ebola?

Turns out, there is.

This is a nightmare.

Amber Joy Vinson is the second person to become infected with the Ebola virus after having contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who lied to his government to come to the United States.

Duncan brought Ebola to America, something he would not have done had he been truthful to Liberian authorities.

Like Nina Pham, Amber Joy Vinson is in her twenties and a registered nurse.

From the Dallas Morning News:

A second nurse has tested positive for the Ebola virus, according to preliminary lab results released early Wednesday.

The health care worker, like nurse Nina Pham, took care of Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian man who became the nation’s first person diagnosed with the deadly virus. The Texas Department of State Health Services confirmed the positive results.

Family has identified the nurse as 29-year-old Amber Joy Vinson. Vinson is a registered nurse in Texas. Her grandmother, Martha Shuler, declined to comment further. Her father, Ronald Shuler, said the family will make a statement later.

“Like Nina Pham, this is a heroic person – a person who has dedicated her life to helping others,” said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins at a press conference Wednesday morning.

Jenkins said Vinson is handling the situation with “grit, grace and determination.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed Wednesday that Vinson had traveled on an airplane the day before she reported experiencing symptoms of the Ebola virus.

Vinson was put into isolation within 90 minutes of reporting she had a fever. City and county officials declined to give an exact time frame for when the new patient tested positive for Ebola in a preliminary test at a state lab in Austin.

In addition to Vinson and Pham, there are 75 other hospital workers being monitored for symptoms of Ebola. Officials said they expect to see more cases.

“It may get worse before it gets better, but it will get better,” said Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings at an early morning press conference.
Yeah, it's getting worse.

From WFAA:
There are now two Dallas nurses being treated for the Ebola virus, and News 8 has learned that the second patient flew on an airplane Monday.

Family members say 26-year-old nurse Amber Vinson has joined nurse Nina Pham, also 26, in isolation at Texas Presbyterian Hospital. Martha Schuler, the mother of Vinson's former stepfather, confirmed her identity Wednesday morning.

The Centers for Disease Control says Vinson was a passenger on Frontier Airlines Flight 1143, which flew from Cleveland to Dallas-Fort Worth on Monday -- the day before she reported symptoms.

The center is now contacting all 132 passengers on that flight, which landed around 8:16 p.m., as a precaution and is asking them to call 1-800-CDC-INFO.

Frontier Airlines says the plane stayed at DFW International Airport overnight, and has since been cleaned. It traveled to Cleveland on Tuesday and was cleaned again. The airline says Vinson traveled to Ohio from Dallas-Fort Worth on Flight 1142 on Oct. 10.

Why in hell would a nurse who treated the first Ebola patient in the U.S. get on a plane?

Probably because the CDC and the U.S. government misled individuals into a false sense of security.

Something as basic as this and the CDC couldn't this right.



This is really bad, really bad.

It's time to take dramatic measures to protect Americans.

That means mandatory quarantines.

The best way we have to combat Ebola is to isolate the virus and prevent its outbreak.

We have to stop terrible people like Duncan from coming into the country.

Tom Frieden should be fired immediately. NOW.

I wonder if all the people who mocked those of us deeply concerned about the spread of Ebola in the U.S. after Duncan brought it here are laughing now.

Obama should address the American people TONIGHT, from the freaking Oval Office.

Tell us your plan, Obama. NOW. Take this seriously. NOW.


"Stopping the spread of this disease is the core mission here," Gen. David Rodriguez, chief of U.S. Africa Command, said last week.

OK. Then do all you can to stop it - in the U.S.

Obama deployed the U.S. military to fight Ebola in Africa, sending thousands there.

Hey, Obama! Maybe YOU should take appropriate measures in OUR country.

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