Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ebola: Obama Weekly Address (Video)

Sadly, I suspect much of what Obama is offering as education for the public will be tossed out as rubbish.

Some choice quotations:

"Ebola is actually a difficult disease to catch. It's not transmitted through the air like the flu. You cannot get it from just riding on a plane or a bus."
Oh, now you CANNOT get it from riding on a plane or a bus.

So why is the CDC scrambling to contact everyone who was on the planes used by Amber Vinson?

It's easy for Obama to say not to fear public transportation when he and his family trot around the globe on Air Force One. When he pays a visit to Gwyneth Paltrow, Obama doesn't take a Frontier Airlines flight.

The White House needs to call the CDC and tell them to change the information on the CDC website. Obama is feeding the public different information.

I hate the comparison to the flu. The flu does not have a 70 percent, or higher, mortality rate.

The flu/Ebola comparison can't be called an "apples and oranges" thing. It's more of an "apples and toxic waste" matter.

"We know how to fight this disease. We know the protocols. And we know that when they're followed, they work."
If that's the case, why hasn't Obama expressed anger and extreme regret over the breakdown in protocols in Dallas, and the failure of the U.S. government to adequately prepare for the inevitable? Obama refuses to be held accountable, and hold buffoons like Tom Frieden accountable.

"We can't just cut ourselves off from West Africa, where this disease is raging. Our medical experts tell us that the best way to stop this disease is to stop it at its source-before it spreads even wider and becomes even more difficult to contain. Trying to seal off an entire region of the world-if that were even possible-could actually make the situation worse. It would make it harder to move health workers and supplies back and forth. Experience shows that it could also cause people in the affected region to change their travel, to evade screening, and make the disease even harder to track."
Of course, we need to stop the virus at its source. There is an enormous difference between "sealing off an entire region," as if to abandon it, and being responsible in terms of free travel by infected individuals. The screeing process didn't keep Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan from lying to his government and getting through to infect American healthcare workers.

What's working in Africa, dramatic measures like closing borders and severely restricting travel, should be done here to protect our homeland.

Obama doesn't get that his first job is to protect Americans, not expose us to a lethal virus.

This has been a disaster. Obama and his administration have screwed up royally.

I am praying that Nina Pham and Amber Vinson fully recover. In order to survive, they have to beat long odds. The video of Nina in her hospital bed is heartbreaking. It is awful.

Nina didn't get on a plane or go on a cruise. She did the right thing. God, my heart goes out to her and her family. Amber, too.

Has Obama called Nina? Has he called Amber?

If Ebola is so hard to get, I want to see photos of Obama visiting Nina and Amber in the hospital.

Would an image of Obama in a hazmat suit be kind of bad?


If Obama golfs tomorrow, I will flip out. I swear to God, I will go berserk.

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