Saturday, October 18, 2014

Scott Walker, Mary Burke - Debate 2

The second debate between Scott Walker and Mary Burke was a waste of time.

The format was like the first debate. It was awful. It wasn't really a debate. There was no interaction between the candidates. They didn't even look at each other as far as I could tell. I don't recall any camera shots of them looking at each other.

Boring as hell. Really bad.

I wonder how long it took Mary Burke to learn her lame line about Jim Doyle - "the hair alone should tell you we're very different people."

When Ted Perry posed his question about violence in the city Milwaukee I got the feeling he was pitching a screenplay idea. Heavy on the drama. I'm not making light of the problem, just Perry's overwrought delivery.

Charles Benson had the last question of the evening. He called an "audible" and gave Ted Perry the floor.

That was weird.

Burke seemed a bit less terrified this time, but she still appeared tense and uncomfortable.

Burke's closing statement was ridiculous. She needed to keep looking at her notes, repeatedly looking down during her relatively brief statement. Very awkward.

She said she wants to "change the tone" of politics in Wisconsin. REALLY? What a joke!

Remember, Burke didn't distance herself from the disgraceful comments made by Debbie Wasserman Schultz on her behalf.

Burke said Walker's strategy is to "divide and conquer."

That's just stupid. No one uses "divide and conquer" the way the community organizer-type Leftists like Burke do.

Wow. What a waste!

I wish I had that hour of my life back.

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