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Gordon Hintz - DEMOCRAT

Gordon Hintz, DEMOCRAT, is running for reelection to the 54th Assembly District seat.

Hintz should be running away in shame.

The guy is a disgrace.

Here are two previous posts revealing some disturbing facts about Hintz.

He is not fit to serve in office.

First, from February 28, 2011:

UPDATE, March 1, 2011: Wisconsin State Representative Who Was Told She’s ‘F**king Dead’ Speaks Out with Laura Ingraham

Here's the audio of Laura Ingraham's interview with Michelle Litjens:


DEMOCRAT Wisconsin State Representative Gordon Hintz has serious behavioral issues. He does not conduct himself in a manner befitting an elected official.

Photo: Gordon Hintz

He has an abusive streak when it comes to how he interacts with women.

Last week, we learned that Hintz was cited under a city sexual misconduct ordinance.

From the
Appleton Post-Crescent:
Appleton police say a municipal citation they issued to state Rep. Gordon Hintz earlier this month is connected to a prostitution investigation involving an Appleton massage parlor.

The 37-year-old Oshkosh Democrat was arrested Feb. 10 and cited the next day under a city sexual misconduct ordinance. He is scheduled to appear April 27 in front of an Outagamie County court commissioner.

...Records say Hintz was accused of violating an Appleton city ordinance against touching or offering to touch sexual parts.

Police searched Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor, 342 W. Wisconsin Ave., and a nearby residence, 1319½ N. Division St., on Jan. 28. Investigators had staked out the properties for several days after receiving a tip that illegal activity was taking place at the home.

The raid netted six arrests, and police seized a vehicle and other property. Four women were booked into the Outagamie County Jail and two other women were arrested but not jailed.

"We made a number of arrests … and now (we issued) the ticket to Mr. Hintz," DeWall said. "But it's still an open investigation."

OK. That's creepy.

As creepy as Hintz's alleged behavior at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor is, I find what he said to REPUBLICAN Wisconsin State Representative Michelle Litjens to be even worse.

Photo: Michelle Litjens

Last Friday, after the Assembly engrosssed Governor Scott Walker's budget repair plan,
DEMOCRAT Hintz threatened Litjens.

Hintz said to Litjens: "You are f---ing dead!"

Hintz didn't just use an expletive when speaking to Litjens. That's bad enough. But what's worse is how he bullied her in a very frightening fashion.

"You are f---ing dead!"


What is wrong with him?

Does he aspire to be Rahm Emanuel?

Hintz treats women abusively. Clearly, he fails to show a female colleague in the Assembly the respect she deserves.

"You are f---ing dead!" is not an appropriate way to express disagreement on a matter before the Assembly.

Has Hintz been spending too much time hanging out with the union thugs and
socialists occupying the Capitol?

Speaking of unions, I wonder if the "workers" at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor are protected by a union. Do they have collective bargaining rights for wages? What about health care and pension benefits?

Certainly, Hintz reacts very passionately when it comes to protecting workers.

I assume Hintz cares very deeply about the working conditions at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor.


UPDATE: Wisconsin Rep. Gordon Hintz apologizes for comments made on Assembly floor following budget vote
Hintz Monday said he called Litjens to apologize but said he could not “confirm that quote.” He said his comments came following 58 hours of debate on the Assembly floor and after the Republicans broke procedural rules in taking the vote before many Democrats had a chance to vote.

“I believe my response was shock. The only way they were going to pass this bill was by ignoring and shredding rules of the Assembly,” Hintz said. “I apologized when I learned my comments may have been taken personally by someone.”

That's not much of an apology.

"You are f---ing dead."

His comments MAY have been taken personally?

Hintz, when tell someone "You are f---ing dead," expect the individual to take it personally.

Good grief.

Second, from March 2, 2011:
JAY LENO: Wisconsin Democrat, a man named Gordon Hintz - Hintz I think his name is, H-I-N-T-Z, Hintz - he's one of those battling the Republican Governor Scott Walker. You know, this whole union thing? Well, he admitted in the middle of all of this he got caught at a prostitution sting at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor. So for at least one Democrat in Wisconsin this crisis had a happy ending.

Way to go, Gordon!

You made Leno's monologue!

Leno's national audience may not be aware that Rep. Hintz of the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor prostitution sting is the same Democrat lawmaker that made news for telling Republican Rep. Michelle Litjens "You are f---ing dead!"

Oh, those wacky Wisconsin Democrats!

Really unbelievable.

Vote for Mark Elliot.

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