Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lilly Badtke Pizza Party

This EXCLUSIVE story by TMJ4 is positively embarrassing.

Toppers Pizza invited Lilleona "Lilly" Rose Badtke to come have a pizza party. The restaurant shut-down Monday evening, when they got word the little girl was missing. Employees immediately joined search crews.

"We scoured this city," says Tim Krahn, who works at Toppers Pizza. "It hit home for all of us. We all have kids. We felt compelled to help find her."

"Being a father, you just don't expect to get a call saying your child is missing," says Lilly's dad, David, who got a call from his ex-wife, saying Lilly never came home from school. "It's the worst feeling. But the fact that the community rallied around us, was so amazing. It was unexpected, and very appreciated."

It turns out, Lilly had slept over a friend's house, without telling anyone. She showed up at school the next morning, and had no idea everyone had been looking for her.

"My mom didn't know," Lilly says. "I was pretty surprised when everyone started hugging me, and my stepmom was crying."

When asked if she's thankful so many strangers stepped-up to help her, Lilly's answer was simple. "Yes, very much."
So someone involved called TMJ4 to bring their cameras to this little party celebrating the fact that a 7-year-old's parents couldn't keep track of their child.


It's an "exclusive" embarrassment.

Video here.

Lilly, guest of honor, got to help make pizzas at Toppers. What a reward for being the child of parents unable to get their act together!

Yes, it's great the child wasn't abducted or injured or worse. That's reason to be very thankful.

She was simply spending a school night sleeping at a friend's house and none of the adults involved communicated at all. That's mindboggling to me.

Does this really merit a celebration that deserves EXCLUSIVE coverage on the 10:00 PM news?

I'm sure Toppers is enjoying the free advertising, but I don't think a celebration, highlighted on the local news, is in order here.

Hey! Let's celebrate bad parenting and getting people to frantically search Sheboygan for a kid not really missing! Woo hoo! Pizza!


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