Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pro-Abortion Mary Burke: Sonya's Law

Mary Burke is radically pro-abortion.

From the Associated Press via the Star Tribune:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke says she believes voters do care about the candidates' views on abortion and women's health issues, even though Gov. Scott Walker says people he meets are focused on the economy.

Burke addressed the issue Wednesday during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board broadcast on the newspaper's website.

Burke supports abortion rights and says she would repeal state laws requiring women to wait 24 hours before they obtain an abortion and to get an ultrasound first.

Burke says she supports the law requiring minors to tell their parents first before they obtain an abortion.

But Burke says she would veto any bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Burke proudly expresses her radical pro-abortion views.

She'd veto any bill banning late term abortion, after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Does Burke know anything about the development of a baby? What does it mean to kill a baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy?

At 20 weeks pregnant:

Last week, vernix started to coat your baby's skin. This week, he's completely covered with the creamy substance, which will protect his delicate skin from the amniotic fluid.

Making sense. Your baby is truly starting to experience the world around him, limited though it may be. His brain has been working overtime developing the nerve centers dedicated to his senses, and they're coming alive. He's more responsive to the changes in the world around him: your activity, sounds in the environment, and even the taste of the amniotic fluid.

Pick up a hiccup. You've probably felt your baby rolling, diving, and kicking inside your belly. Now you might also feel a rhythmic jerking. No, he's not tapping out a tune; he's hiccupping. Most babies get the hiccups in utero, possibly due to an immature diaphragm having spasms. There's nothing you can do to stop the hiccups, but there's no need to—they won't harm your baby now or after he's born.

Sprouting a top. After establishing a scalp hair pattern several weeks ago, your baby is moving to the next step: growing hair. And this isn't lanugo; it's the real deal. But don't get visions of a lustrous mane just yet. Most of this hair will start to fall out two weeks after birth. Don't worry—your little one will gradually grow permanent hair, which will probably be lighter in color than the hair he has at birth. Elsewhere in your baby's head, the bones of the inner ear are now fully formed, and the nose is beginning to develop into its recognizable shape.

Measuring up. Your baby weighs about 7.5 to 9 ounces and measures approximately 8.5 inches. You could cup the little guy in the palm of your hand.
Mary Burke thinks it's acceptable to kill babies at 20 weeks and beyond. She promises not to protect the unborn. She considers them dispensable.  It's positively ghoulish.

It's not surprising that pro-abortion proponents are backing Burke.

I suppose it's not surprising that radical pro-abortion activists are lying about Scott Walker and Sonya's Law. It's what they do.

From LifeNews:

Leading pro-abortion groups are attacking pro-life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a tough re-election battle in this purple state. The out-of-state and extreme pro-abortion group Emily’s List is making false claims about Sony’a Law, the pro-life bill Walker signed that allows women a chance to see their unborn baby in an ultrasound while considering an abortion.

The pro-abortion groups claim Walker is violating women’s privacy by forcing them to have a transvaginal utlrasound — a claim the state’s leading pro-life group rejects.

Wisconsin Right to Life’s Executive Director, Heather Weininger, stated, “We only have to look at the text of Sonya’s Law to see that a woman can decide on the type of ultrasound she wishes to have. It is reprehensible that Emily’s List is making false claims about the law, and substantiating their claims with a biased headline no credible newspaper would ever use.”

Weininger said Sonya’s Law provides a mother with the opportunity to see her baby through ultrasound before she makes a decision about how to proceed with her pregnancy. After all options have been explained, it is up to the woman to decide the type of ultrasound she prefers.
Pro-abortion radicals are LYING about Scott Walker and Sonya's Law.

Sonya's Law means women seeking abortions will have the opportunity to become educated on the reality of their pregnancies via ultrasound. They will have a chance to better understand the truth of their choice regarding the fate of their unborn children.

The ultrasound will inform them, give them facts, so they can make reasoned decisions. No propaganda. No distortions. Just facts about human development and the growth of an unborn baby.

Why are pro-abortion proponents like Mary Burke afraid of the truth?

The Leftists/Democrats are such hypocrites. They champion science and mock conservatives when it comes to religion, their values and beliefs.

However, when it comes to science involving medical advancements that allow women to learn the facts of fetal development, the Leftists/Democrats demand that women be treated like children. They want to disregard science. In effect, they argue that women can't handle the truth.

"No science for you!"

"No education for you!"

Education is a good thing. A pregnant woman shouldn't be misled about pregnancy and abortion. Tell the truth. Inform her with facts.

Abortion is about life and death, very serious stuff.

Women should be informed with the truth, something that an ultrasound provides.

Thanks, "science," for informing us about the beauty of new life and its development.

Thanks, "science," for revealing what Mary Burke's support for killing unborn babies even after 20 weeks, something the majority of WOMEN oppose, really means.

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