Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thomas Duncan Dies

Thomas Duncan died of Ebola this morning.

I hope all those fools who were under the incredibly naive impression that the U.S. medical system could magically manage this disease are getting their wake-up call.

I hope all those idiots who accepted the crap that Obama and his administration have dished out, and believed the positively ridiculous statements being spewed by CDC director Tom Frieden, are thinking again.

I hope they realize the Obama government is not taking adequate measures to protect Americans.


ALH said...

You are competely correct- it is maddening to witness the inept response to Ebola in our country. From the laissez faire attitude about preventing individuals from outbreak regions in Africa from coming here (i.e. the first line of defense) to to the delayed, sloppy management of the first proven case has been an example of how not to do things.

I can't help but feel the cdc and nih are towing the line to support the Obama adminstration's overarching policies of open, unfettered immigration. Admitting that there are logical, important, scientific reasons against these policies would undercut the administration.

Alternatively, it is also possible we are led by an incompetent bureaucracy. I guess the two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. Either way, innocent citizens in our country will suffer greatly.

Mary said...

As events have unfolded, it's clear that Obama, his administration, and his CDC puppet Frieden are acting politically, putting innocents at risk.

A nurse who cared for Duncan being told she could fly on a commercial flight while presenting a fever?

It is unbelievable. The incompetence is absolutely unbelievable.