Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Obama Ferguson Split Screen

This is an enduring image - Obama delivering his lame remarks after the Ferguson grand jury decision, urging peace, while the city erupts in violence thanks to agitators stoked by Obama and his ilk.

The split screen of the impotent Obama sharing many of the agitators' talking points as they carry out the plans they made long ago - to riot and destroy - was utilized on CNN and MSNBC and FOX. Americans of all political stripes were treated to the split screen.

MSNBC and CNN must be regretting that decision. It did not help Obama.

Only hours earlier, the Washington Post felt obliged to defend Obama in a Saturday Night Live skit.

Now, the same publication has to acknowledge that Obama's split screen moment was kind of awkward. Ouch!

Read: Why Obama struggled in Ferguson split-screen moment

Underlying any criticism of a split-screen moment is an incontrovertible fact: Commanders-in-chief are not the ones directing news broadcasts. They can control what they say — they can’t control the optics.
I think another fact-check is in order.

An incontrovertible fact: More than any other president in American history, Obama has managed to control the ones directing news broadcasts.

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