Wednesday, December 3, 2014

David Clarke For President

Mark Levin thinks David Clarke has the right stuff. He thinks Clarke is qualified to be president.

On his radio program yesterday, Levin explained that he met Clarke at the National Rifle Association convention last April.

MARK LEVIN: One of the people I met who was incredibly impressive was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. This is a good guy. This is a smart guy, a truly patriotic American. And as I said, he's the Milwaukee County sheriff, and he was holding a press conference a couple of weeks ago, and he just got angry and took the occasion to talk about Ferguson and Holder and what was going on in the country. And people have referred to this, but I don't know if you've actually heard it.

This guy is a true blue American. He happens to be an African American, but he's a true blue American, like all of us, regardless of our pigmentation and so forth. So let's take a little bit of time to hear what the man had to say because you're hearing Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Farrakhan and all the other malcontents and miscreants.

This is a sheriff who's had enough, like the rest of us.
Levin then played some clips of Clarke's remarks, criticizing Eric Holder for throwing law enforcement officers under the bus. Clarke expressed how disturbing it was for Holder to suggest that officers have malicious intent in their hearts, denying people their rights and indiscriminately shooting to take people's lives for nothing. Clarke said that Holder owes an apology to every law enforcement officer.

While playing the audio from Clarke's press conference, Levin shared his reaction.

LEVIN: This is Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County. Isn't he superb?


LEVIN: This man should have a national platform beyond this program. This is a man who could be president. Oh, I know, we'd have to fight through the Wall Street Journal and the Bush family and all the rest. But, he's absolutely outstanding. Absolutely outstanding.


LEVIN: This man is qualified to be a senator, a governor, or president, in my humble opinion.
That's quite an endorsement.

As Levin said, there are voices in this country that need to be heard.

David Clarke is one of those voices.

Here's video of Clark's press conference, via The Right Scoop:

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Anonymous said...

I thoroughly agree with you. It is so good to listen to someone that is willing to stand up and express the common sense observations and concerns that we all feel, and does it with great charisma. He would really make a great President. Under an administration fraught in misinformation, self interests, and corruption, hearing an unselfish person say real honest things certainly makes me fell that there is hope for the good people in our country. What can I do to help get him elected?