Monday, December 8, 2014

Favre At Lambeau - Monday Night Football

UPDATE: Brett Favre returns to Green Bay, but not Lambeau

Brett Favre made his long-awaited return to the state of Wisconsin on Monday.

Sort of. He wasn't at Lambeau Field.

But the legendary Green Bay Packers quarterback did fly into town to speak at a fundraiser for Bart Starr's Rawhide Boys Ranch charity and donate $20,000 with his wife. Starr was not in attendance, as Favre spoke with NFL Hall Famer Steve Young for about 40 minutes during a "Chalk Talk" session following an address from Starr's son, Bart Starr Jr.

Starr Sr. remained in Alabama where — as his son noted — he took his first steps in three months on Monday. Starr had suffered two strokes, seizures and a heart attack.

The luncheon marked Favre's first public appearance in Green Bay since he retired from the NFL for good after the 2010 season.

Speculation swirled during the day that Favre would attend the Packers game Monday night against the Atlanta Falcons, but Packers president Mark Murphy indicated Favre was heading back to Mississippi after the event.
God bless, Bart Starr.

Earlier reports that Favre was coming to Green Bay to attend the game were wrong.

So, Favre was in Green Bay, but this was not his "eventual, official return to Green Bay."

Yeah, whatever.


Here comes Brett Favre!


According to Lance Allan, and reported on 620 WTMJ, Brett Favre will be (may be?) attending tonight's Packers - Falcons game.

He's on his way to Green Bay right now.

I suppose we'll be treated to lots of shots of Favre smilling/cheering/looking interested from one of the luxury boxes.

Wow. That will be thrilling. Can't wait. Happiest day of my life.

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