Monday, December 8, 2014

Obama BET Interview: Americans Are Racist

Obama's statements in recent days make me wonder if he realizes that he's president of the United States. Does he understand how one becomes president? Does he get the process that landed him in the White House?

Racial injustice permeates America according to Obama, so he's encouraging protesters to demand justice.

Obama declares that racism is "deeply rooted in our society."

Yeah, those "die-ins" are constructive. Storming Macy's is a great strategy. Arson and looting is always a positive approach to a perceived problem.

From the Washington Times:

Addressing protests over minorities killed by police officers, President Obama said racism is “deeply rooted” in the U.S. and that activists should keep pressing steadily in their demands for reform.

“This is something that is deeply rooted in our society, it’s deeply rooted in our history,” Mr. Obama said in an interview with BET, a portion of which was released Sunday. “When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias … you’ve got to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time, and you just have to be steady so you don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there.”

...“This isn’t going to be solved overnight,” Mr. Obama said in the BET interview, adding that America has made progress on civil rights over the past 50 years and that he believes the nation will eventually solve its problems with racism.

...“As painful as these incidents are, we can’t equate what is happening now to what was happening 50 years ago,” the president said. “If you talk to your grandparents, parents, uncles, they’ll tell you that things are better — not good, in some cases, but better. We have to be persistent, because typically progress is in steps. It’s in increments.”

Yes, James T. Harris, it strikes me as very odd.

How did Obama manage to become president if our society is so racist?

How did Obama pull that off?

Did Americans just happen to temporarily take leave of their racism on two election days?

That's what Obama appears to be selling at the moment.

I'm expecting Obama to take up starting all his official statements and speeches off with "Hands up, don't shoot."

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