Monday, December 1, 2014

Packers Beat Pats 26-21

What a fun game!

From Vic Ketchman,

The Packers lost the battle of the red zone but won the game, 26-21, and now find themselves in control of a first-round playoffs bye and, with a little help, the Packers could claim homefield advantage throughout the playoffs.

“Offensively, we had a lot of productivity. The point total was enough to win the game. The defense did a lot of good things. The end of the game is what you’re looking for as a coach. You need to make plays down the stretch,” Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said following his team’s win over the New England Patriots.

...“If you would’ve told me we’d hold them to 21, I’d probably feel pretty good about winning the game,” McCarthy said in complimenting his defense. “Let’s be real. We beat a heckuva football team tonight.”

The Packers beat what most consider to be the best team in the AFC, and they beat a quarterback for the ages.
The Packers were in the victory formation and it still took a while to get that dagger.

Love that dagger!

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