Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Elizabeth Lauten and Terrence Patrick Bean

I know, I know.

The children of politicians are off limits.

They should NEVER be criticized in the media.

(Of course, if you're the child of a conservative, you will be crucified. That's your misfortune.)

Elizabeth Lauten made a mistake when she made some negative comments on Facebook about the way Malia and Sasha Obama dressed and acted when Obama trotted them out for the pardoning of the Thanksgiving turkey. The girls were not exactly into the ceremony of the annual tradition.

The Leftist media and social sites went berserk over Lauten's remarks. She was labeled a cyberbully. CBS referred to her post as a "rant targeting the Obama girls."

True, Lauten, "the communications director for Rep. Steven Fincher, R-Tenn.," used poor judgment when she criticized Obama's children. No one is allowed to publicly speak slightly negatively about them. They are protected. They are untouchable. NO ONE can speak ill of Sasha and Malia. YOU MAY NOT DO THAT.

Of course, Lauten did. BIG mistake.

What happened next?

Lauten became the victim of vicious cyberbullying.

As a result, she resigned. She lost her job.

Mission accomplished, Leftists!

As a communications director, Lauten should have known that she could not express her opinion regarding the behavior of Obama's children at that incredibly important turkey event. She should have known that speaking in a critical manner about the Obama girls would mean she would suffer severe consequences.

You'd think an apology would have been enough to end the attacks on Lauten by the Leftist cyberbullies.

In a fair world, it would have been enough. It certainly should have been enough.

However, we all know the playing field is not level. Conservatives and Leftists are held to dramatically different standards.

Sarah Palin's children can be mercilessly mocked. David Letterman attacked 14-year-old Willow Palin on his CBS late night show. No problem. Letterman didn't apologize for days. He mocked the incident rather than acknowledge the inappropriateness of making a joke about a 14-year-old girl being impregnated by Alex Rodriguez at Yankee Stadium. Letterman stood by his horrific "joke" for two weeks before making a "sincere" apology on the air.

The Leftists claimed that Palin's kids were fair game because she appeared with them at poliitical events. They blamed Palin for making them targets.

Of course, that was insane.

Obama was using Sasha and Malia from the beginning of his presidential run. On February 11, 2007, when Steve Kroft interviewed Obama and Michelle on 60 Minutes, the girls appeared in the segment.

(Remember that interview? It was when Michelle said Barack, as a black man, can get shot going to the gas station.)

Conservatives didn't abuse Obama's daughters after he brought them into the national spotlight.

Sarah Palin's kids? Ready, aim, fire.

I think the reaction to Lauten's Facebook comments was ridiculous.

You'd think she made a death threat.

No, death threats are only reserved for conservatives' kids, like Scott Walker's sons.

No problem.

But, share an opinion that Sasha and Malia behaved inappropriately at a public event? Ruin your life.

The media in this country are a disgrace.

The fact that they chose to bully Elizabeth Lauten by taking a social media "firestorm" and manufacturing it into a national story reveals just how cruel and crazy they are. Their selective outrage allows the Leftist media to go nuts over comments from an aide to a political figure not known to most Americans while completely ignoring stories of real significance.

Read about Terrence Patrick Bean.

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