Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chris Christie Falls (Video)

How lame is this?

Never before publicly-seen footage of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie falling off his chair during an in-studio appearance at SportsRadio 94WIP was released Friday morning during 94WIP’s Wing Bowl 23.

Christie joined Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show in-studio last June and fell off of his chair upon entering the studio. While the hilarious moment was captured on camera, Cataldi had kept the footage private—until now.

Video -

Christie slipped while sitting down in the studio.


Isn't that "hilarious"?

What a game changer!

I don't want Chris Christie to be president. On many occasions, I think he's conducted himself inappropriately. But, good grief!

The man fell. So what?

Let's revisit some "hilarious" video of Obama and Michelle hitting their heads!



Physical pain is a riot! Possible injury is SO entertaining!


No, not really.


Now, back in 2009, Obama mistaking a White House window for a door was funny.

The only thing hurt in this case would have been Obama's pride, and God knows the guy has pride and arrogance to spare.

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