Friday, January 16, 2015

Nate Hamilton: Streetcar Ad

Nate Hamilton, Dontre Hamilton's brother, is featured in a radio ad targeting Milwaukee's streetcar project.

We know that Nate Hamilton doesn't mince words. Remember when he declared, "We need to protect our own communities ... so we can get rid of these pigs that kill us"?

Referring to the police as "pigs," just after the two officers were gunned down in New York, was not smart.

While Hamilton isn't as vicious in his streetcar ad, not suggesting lashing out violently, he does take aim at Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and District Attorney John Chisholm and Milwaukee aldermen.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has a transcript of the ad:

"This is Nate Hamilton. My brother Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by a Milwaukee police officer; once in the back. It was ruled a homicide in police custody. He was only resting in a downtown park.

"For over 235 days, Mayor Barrett and DA Chisholm dodged our calls for justice. Funny how Tom Barrett's precious trolley gets the fast track and so many of our aldermen and the beautiful people downtown are ramming this down our throats, yet justice for our people is at a standstill.

"I'm calling out Aldermen (Milele) Coggs, (Ashanti) Hamilton, (Russell) Stamper, (Willie) Wade, (Jose) Perez, (Robert) Puente and (Nik) Kovac. Let's make this a teaching moment for Tom Barrett, John Chisholm and the business elite who don't give a damn about our rights and could care less about our people.

"Mayor Barrett's precious trolley symbolizes how our community is treated and represents government sanctions, racial oppression and the continued segregation of our downtown. The trolley's key supporter, Ald. Bob Bauman, has even admitted this project doesn't even benefit the minority community.

"Aldermen, stand with the people. Defeat Mayor Barrett's precious trolley."

The ad ends with an announcer saying: "Paid for the Black Lives Matter Coalition."
I find it difficult to join forces with Nate Hamilton, because of his anti-police agenda.

However, when it comes to Milwaukee's idiotic trolley project, I agree with him.

"Defeat Mayor Barrett's precious trolley."

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