Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sobelman's, Josh Zepnick, and the Streetcar

Josh Zepnick, state representative for Wisconsin's 9th Assembly District on Milwaukee's south side, has a problem with Dave Sobelman, owner of Sobelman's Pub and Grill.


Sobelman does not support the idioitic Milwaukee streetcar project.

Read: Sobelman: 'I would never waste my own money' on the streetcar

Sobelman's remarks are measured and reasonable.

There is an overwhelming amount of people against this project, but the proponents pretend not to hear them. Let me help get the word out.

We don't need to spend $124 million on a streetcar that runs in a 2.5-mile circle where we already have public transportation!

As a small business owner with a little experience, I would never waste my own money on this and I don't think those proponents would either. The mayor says he's betting on the future of this city. The problem is he's not doing it with his own money.
Sobelman is right.

The proponents refuse to listen to the people. They act as if there is no opposition.

In response to a Facebook post citing the Biz Journal piece and suggesting a boycott of Sobelman's, Zepnick wrote:
"Ain't noboday got time for that!!! Sobelman really piss me off on this one. Talk about no civic pride for a place that profits off my city...good food, but you go there: its crowded, staff is snotty/cranky all the frickin time, parking sucks, and its not safe at night. Hope City reconsiders his sidewalk seating permit for this summer!!! bwah ha ha..."
Yikes! (Zepnick has a problem with "its" and "it's.")

That's a state representative's response to a city business owner giving his opinion on the city's multi-million dollar boondoggle?


Mark Belling has the screen grab of the post here.

It's not going anywhere.

This is an embarrassment.

A state representative is conducting himself like an Internet troll.

Sobelman's is a great place.

I can't imagine anyone being so crazy as to deny one's self a Sobelman's burger and boycotting the business because Dave Sobelman doesn't support the streetcar.

In fact, all this talk about Sobelman's is making me hungry, quad hungry.

Actually, I've never had a quad, but I am hungry for Sobelman's.


Sign the Milwaukee Streetcar Petition.

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