Monday, January 26, 2015

Tammy Baldwin: Tomah VA Scandal

I knew Tammy Baldwin would be a disaster as the junior U.S. senator from Wisconsin. It was a given.

She's worse than I feared.

From WKOW, via WXOW:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Madison) refused an interview with 27 News Monday regarding the growing controversy over the way her office handled reports of the over-prescription of opiates at the VA clinic in Tomah.

Sen. Baldwin responded to our interview request with a statement she had previously sent to several of the state's largest newspapers on Sunday.

"We should have done a better job listening to and communicating with another constituent with whom we were working on problems at the VA," Baldwin wrote in the statement. "I take full responsibility for any mistakes we made because I not only share his belief that the report's conclusion fell short, but I also share his commitment to exposing problems at the VA and working on solutions."

Sen. Baldwin's office received a report on the problems in August from the Department of Veterans Affairs' inspector general. Sen. Baldwin shared the report with a constituent but didn't publicize it more widely until last week, after a report was published on the death of a Marine Corps veteran being treated at Tomah.

Baldwin then called on the VA secretary to order a comprehensive investigation at the Tomah clinic.

Two Republican state representatives wrote to Baldwin asking her why she didn't do more with the report.

Sen. Baldwin's office is also refusing to comment on or confirm a report from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that her deputy state director, Marquette Baylor, was fired over the handling of the issue last Thursday.
Baldwin respresents the people of Wisconsin. She must be held accountable for her actions and inactions as a senator.

From AP, via FOX6 News:

Baldwin says she accepts responsibility for mistakes made by her office and believes a 2014 investigation fell short in exposing problems at the medical center.

A 35-year-old former Marine died of an overdose in the center’s inpatient care unit in August.
Just how much "responsibility for mistakes made by her office" is Baldwin willing to take?

A former Marine died related to what was happening at the Tomah facility.

It's not too much to expect Baldwin to do more than issue a statement.

Interviews are in order, but she's denying that access.

Yes, Baldwin is the disaster I expected her to be.


Anonymous said...

I think Baldwin isn't qualified and up to the job. She should resign and let someone qualified do the job. Shes trying to cover it up and that's poor leadership. I know Washington tries all the time to cover up the truth and usually someone else takes the fall but I hope she gets everthing she deserves.

Mary said...

Baldwin's constituents can hold her accountable, and we should.

She's shown that she's either incompetent or uncaring, perhaps both.

Baldwin decided to lawyer up to help her hide, but that can't prevent us from firing her in 2018. Unfortuantely, that's a long time to wait.