Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Heather Bronnson

Thank you, Heather Bronnson.

Rocking the boat is scary, but she did it anyway.

Heather Bronnson, mother of a Nathan Hale High School student, did local parents a tremendous service when she said something about the disgracefully politically biased worksheet used in her son's government class.

When you dare to question or take on the public schools, you know you're putting yourself at potential risk.

Remember the crazed teachers who swooped on the Capitol in 2011 to protest Act 10, deranged loons like public high school teacher Fred Levenhagen?

If you cross one of them, you might have someone like Levenhagen in your face.

Remember April Kay Smith, the Germantown kindergarten teacher who went on a rampage and vandalized the Republican Party booth at the Jefferson County Fair?

Really crazy.

We know that some of these teachers are capable of really outlandish behavior. They will lash out.

That's why I think Heather Bronnson deserves so much credit.

The easy thing to do would have been to stay quiet about the injustice in the Nathan Hale classroom. Instead, she chose to do the right thing.

Doing the right thing in this case means that she's opened herself up to attack.

For example, from Erin Richards, of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

In politically polarized Wisconsin, the nature of a suburban high school government class assignment aimed at helping students figure out which beliefs align with certain political ideologies has come under fire.
Awww, the assignment was aimed at "helping students." Isn't that nice?

If "helping" refers to brainwashing kids into believing Republicans and conservatives are evil and don't care about the poor, then the assignment did "help."

A Nathan Hale High School mother took her concerns over a recent class assignment public after a teacher graded her son as incorrect for assessing the statement, "We should not help the poor, it's a waste of money," as fascist, instead of what the teacher marked as the correct answer: conservative/Republican.

The issue was brought to light by conservative news outlet and then Fox News. Both posted photos of the assignment from the mother, identified by EAG as Heather Bronnson.

Bronnson posted the EAGNews story on social media Monday, adding the comment, "No political party espouses not helping the poor, it's ridiculous. Why can't they just teach the basic political spectrum without lying?"

Bronnson's postings elsewhere on social media are critical of unions. Attempts to reach her for comment by phone and online were unsuccessful Tuesday.
Imagine. CONSERVATIVE news outlets actually had the audacity to bring the abuse to light. Terrible, right?

Richards writes as if Bronnson is the extremist, making unfounded accusations.

WRONG. She behaved reasonably, while Richards is falling in lockstep with those Leftist thugs incapable of taking justified criticism.

Richards looked into Bronnson's social media activity and declares that she has posted remarks critical of unions.

Wow. Throw her in jail. Good grief.

A West Allis-West Milwaukee School District spokesman said Tuesday the political spectrum assignment was developed by teachers at the high school and has been used for about a decade.
That's interesting. The assignment was a home-grown thing. Not surprised about that.
He said social studies teachers will not use the assignment in the future.
Oh, that will solve the problem.

Not using that particular assignment does nothing to change the mindset of the social studies teachers at Nathan Hale.

Are we really supposed to believe ridding the classroom of that assignment will rid the classroom of bias against conservatives?

Spokesman Brian Vissers refrained from saying whether the teacher was correct to mark the student's answer to that particular statement about not helping the poor as a conservative belief.

But he said the issue had been fueled by EAG, a media group with an anti-public education agenda.

"There are all types of questions on this assignment ranging from far right to far left," he said. "It seems like the mother in this case just pulled out what her political views are. She didn't have any issues with the articles or questions on the other side of the political spectrum."
If Vissers can't admit that the assignment was fundamentally flawed and the teacher was wrong to mark the item as incorrect, then a serious problem persists.

It's ridiculous for Vissers to say that the issue was fueled by EAG.

No, the issue is what it is -- a flagrant example of political bias and Leftist indoctrination.

I heard Heather Bronnson, in an interview with Charlie Sykes, say that she thought the entire assignment was poor and it should not be used.

That, of course, is something Vissers and Richards and the others don't want known.

The line, "It seems like the mother in this case just pulled out what her political views are," is hilarious.

This article fully supports the Leftist agenda and attempts to degrade Bronnson, just pulling out the political views to prop up the Leftist perspective.

Richards fails her assignment.

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