Friday, February 6, 2015

John McAdams and Truth, Brian Williams and Lies

Brian Willliams, THE face of NBC News, can tell the country that while embedded with the military in Iraq he was on a helicopter that was hit by enemy fire and forced to make a hard emergency landing.

He flat-out lies, but he gets to keep his job.

Then we have the case of John McAdams. He tells the truth in a blog post and Marquette University intends to fire him.

I have a problem with that.

Williams should lose his job as anchor and focus on his acting career, but it appears that NBC wants him around anchoring the news.

I would hope that sponsors would dump NBC Nightly News, if they support the military and veterans.

Sponsoring NBC News programs is a slap in the face to all our men and women in the service, past and present.

I haven't watched NBC News for years, so I can't boycott the network's news operation. Without question, NBC deserves to lose viewers as long as liar Williams is at the helm.

McAdams, on the other hand, should not lose his job. Nonetheless, Marquette plans to make that happen.

Truly disgusting.

There is something I can do in response to Marquette's move.

Although we have been regular donors to the university for years, we have decided to turn backs on the place because of its treatment of McAdams.

I encourage all Marquette donors to do the same.

Why support a university that punishes open discussion and the free exchange of ideas?

Why support an allegedly Catholic university that prohibits Catholic teaching to be discussed?

I encourage all Marquette donors to withhold financial support from the university and let President Michael Lovell know why.

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