Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scott Walker's Wauwatosa Home: Protesters

They're at it again.

‘Protest Mob’ Descends Upon Gov. Scott Walker’s Personal Home

In 2011, union members descended on Scott Walker's home in Wauwatosa, even though they knew that the governor wasn't there and his two sons were, high school students at the time.

Yesterday, protesters targeted Walker's home. And again, Scott Walker wasn't there and they knew it.

Alex Walker, Scott Walker's son, tweeted:

Matt Walker, Scott Walker's other son, tweeted:

From The Blaze:
More than 100 demonstrators, organized by Schools and Communities United, protested outside the home over some of Gov. Walker’s proposed budget cuts.

There were chants of, ”Hey hey, ho ho, Scott Walker’s got to go” and “The students united will never be defeated,” outside the home, Wauwatosa Now reported.

The Wisconsin GOP likened the group to a “protest mob.”
Here we go. More chanting. Déjà vu.

From WISN:
Teachers, students and other protesters marched to Gov. Scott Walker's family home in Wauwatosa late Monday afternoon, protesting cuts to education.

They were protesting the Walker's plan to cut funding to K-12 education, to the University of Wisconsin System and senior care.

The marchers are from a coalition of groups, including the Milwaukee teachers union and other youth and community groups.

...WISN 12 News asked the organizers of one of the groups involved, Youth Empowered in the Struggle, why they chose this location.

“He hasn't really heard our voice, and so we feel that if we're going outside his house maybe he'll understand that this is something important. And it's affecting all these people, and it's just a really good way to be up front with it,” Patti Tejeda said.
Watch video of the protest.

Patti Tejeda said that protesting outside Walker's family home will make him understand that "this is something important."

Right. Surrounding the home where Walker's parents live is the way to do that. Brilliant!

We know how crazed these people are. We witnessed the levels of their derangement back in 2011, as well as so many times after that.

Their tactics backfired in 2011 and will likely backfire now.

These attacks on Walker, whether by a protest mob, or the Leftist media, or late night comics, cause supporters to come to his defense. The protests actually elevate Walker.

Obviously, the union thugs and other assorted Leftists haven't learned from their past mistakes.

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