Wednesday, March 11, 2015

If Hillary Were a Man

Poor Hillary.

If she were a man, no one would be concerned about this private server/personal email "fuss."

From NewsBusters:

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday finally addressed the growing controversy surrounding her use of a private e-mail system while Secretary of State. After the Democrat's opening statement on the subject, NBC's Andrea Mitchell attempted a question. Clinton interrupted and turned to international media, Turkish television. Kahraman Haliscelik began, "Thank you very much for your remarks and it's wonderful to see you here again."

Offering this softball, Haliscelik wondered, "...If you were a man, today, would all of this fuss being made be made? Thank you." Clinton demurred, "Well, I will leave that to others to answer."
Would that be Hillary's fallback as president?

"A man wouldn't be subjected to this scrutiny."

How weaselly!

A strong, competent woman wouldn't play the gender card like that.

That question from Kahraman Haliscelik was unbelievable, so softball.

From Business Insider:

[Hillary Clinton] spokesman, Nick Merrill, handpicked which reporters got to ask questions throughout the press conference. Journalists who attempted to get their questions in outside of this process were ignored.
I guess it wasn't.

Typical Clinton manipulation.

Hillary's reliance on gender to provide cover when convenient reveals a troubling weakness on her part.

"You're expecting me to be responsible and you wouldn't if I were a man!"


Her comments are insulting. She's demeaning women by using her gender as an excuse. She's the one conducting a War on Women.

Girls, don't look up to Hillary as a role model.

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Anonymous said...

She didn't play the gender card. She declined to answer the question and moved on to other matters.