Monday, March 23, 2015

James Corden - Late Late Show Host

James Corden takes over The Late Late Show tonight.

I'm willing to try it.

It has to be better than Late Night with Seth Meyers.

I never watch any of that show unless there's a guest booked I really want to see. I can't stomach the monologue. Too annoying. I prefer infomercials to Meyers, finding them much more entertaining.

I already switch off Jimmy Fallon once the monologue and initial comedy bit is over. I'm very close to bailing on The Tonight Show altogether.

Yeah, Chris Christie is fat, Jimmy. We get it.

From the Daily Mail:

James Corden will make his debut as host of iconic US chat show The Late Late Show tonight – amid nervousness at channel CBS that American audiences may fail to ‘get’ the British comedian.

After 10 weeks of rehearsals and training – in which producers have reportedly been desperately trying to stop Corden using British slang phrases that the U.S. does not use – the opening show will air tonight with guests Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks.

As well as fears over how Corden is received by his US audience, there have also been reports than American celebrities have been put off by his decision to adopt a Graham Norton-style chat show in which guests appear together on the same sofa instead of one after the other.

The first show will feature Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks, while Will Ferrell is expected on the couch later this week.

However, unusually for an American show, Corden, 36, expects all of his guests to remain onstage after their interviews and interact with the following guests.

The strategy is very popular in Britain with Graham Norton and Jonathan Ross, but is untested in the United States.
That is total crap.

Having guests "remain onstage after their interviews and interact with the following guests" most definitely has been "tested" in the U.S.

That was the typical talk show format, for ages!

Good grief.

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