Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton: Election 2016

I don't trust NBC News; and not just because the main face of NBC News, the suspended Brian Williams, is a liar.

It's not a fair and balanced news operation. NBC News pushes a Leftist agenda.

So why trust an NBC News poll?

I don't.

But it raises the issue of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton and Election 2016.

As a conservative, I don't want Jeb Bush to be the Republican nominee. However, if he did get the nomination, I would vote for him and do all I could to keep a Leftist from continuing the Obama disaster. I really don't think Jeb will be the nominee. I'm confident the grassroots conservatives won't allow that to happen. We'll defeat the establishment Republicans.

According to the poll:

In the early battle for the Republican presidential nomination, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appear to have more appeal among Republican voters than Bush does, according to the poll.

In the survey, 53 percent of potential Republican primary voters say they could see themselves supporting Walker, versus 17 percent who couldn't (+36 points).
At this point, Walker is my guy. But there are many other attractive Republican candidates as well, lots of talented and qualified individuals.

Jeb and other estabilshment Repubicans do not have my support. His nomination would be a worst case scenario for me.

As far as Hillary Clinton goes, I wouldn't mind if she got the Democrat nomination.

I think she'd lose the general election.

I can't see Hillary generating the sort of excitement necessary to win.

I am so sick of Hillary and the whole mess that is the Clintons. Enough.

Definitely, I want change in 2016.

No Clinton.

No Bush.

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