Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Jeffrey Williams Recants Confession

"Never mind," so says Jeffery Williams, the man apprehended for shooting two police officers in Ferguson.

From Yahoo News:

The suspect charged with shooting two police officers during a demonstration in Ferguson, Mo., last week is now recanting a confession that he was the gunman, his lawyer told Yahoo News on Tuesday.

“He told me that he never fired a weapon,” said Jerryl T. Christmas, attorney for Jeffrey Williams.

Christmas said Williams, 20, was scared and in a “tremendous amount of pain,” having allegedly been pistol-whipped before being questioned by detectives.

“I think under those circumstances he would have said anything,” Christmas said. “Anytime someone is questioned without counsel and then I see that kind of bruising, then I'm suspicious about any statements that he may have voluntarily given.”

...St. Louis County police have denied the abuse allegations for two days. On Tuesday, a department spokesman again called the accusations “completely false” without offering any potential explanation for apparent marks in Williams’ booking photograph.

...Complicating Williams’ retraction is that he didn’t just admit being the shooter to police. On Sunday and Monday, St. Louis pastor and Ferguson activist Derrick Robinson told reporters that Williams expressed remorse to him during a jailhouse visit.

“He told me that he shouldn't have done it," Robinson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “He was embarrassed.”
Williams' lawyer probably told him that the U.S. Department of Justice and the president of the United States are on his side.

Go ahead. Recant.

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