Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama Anti-Semitic

I agree with Mark Levin. I think it's time we had a "national discussion" about the anti-Semitism of the Obama administration.

From the Daily Caller:

Talk radio show host Mark Levin tore into President Barack Obama on Fox News’ “Hannity,” calling him an anti-Semite and saying that his administration’s policy towards Israel “reeks” of anti-Semitism.
Video here.

MARK LEVIN: Mr. Holder, Mr. Obama, let's have a national discussion about the anti-Semitism that reeks from your administration.

SEAN HANNITY: Do you think the president's anti-Semitic, Mark?

MARK LEVIN: I personally do. Yes, I do. Has he demonstrated otherwise? Israel is surrounded. Israel was under attack with Hamas. His State Department puts out these preposterous statements about moral relevancy. Israel's taking missiles. This president is holding back ammunition, slow-walking it. Does this sound like a guy who has a rational reason for his belief system? I don't think so. That's my personal opinion.

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