Thursday, March 19, 2015

Rickey Krueger, Bad Mail Carrier, Loses Job

Remember last year just before Election Day when that postal carrier in Neenah dumped hundreds of Republican flyers rather than deliver them?

That matter is finally resolved.

He's no longer delivering, or dumping, the mail.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette:

A Neenah mail carrier who was accused of throwing nearly 900 political flyers in a dumpster resigned from his job under a plea agreement finalized last week in federal court.

The flyers from the Republican Party of Wisconsin on behalf of two candidates ended up in a dumpster in Neenah instead of people's mailboxes last fall, court records say.

Rickey Krueger, a mail carrier for the Neenah post office, was convicted last week in U.S. District Court in Green Bay of mishandling the mail. After negotiations with prosecutors, Krueger agreed to plead guilty, quit his job and pay a fine of $750.

...Krueger denied political motives, saying he had a sore shoulder and felt overwhelmed by the number of mailings, so he threw them in a dumpster instead of delivering them. He said he'd never done it before.
Although the only flyers Krueger dumped were for Republican candidates, he claims he wasn't politically motivated. He says the reason he didn't deliver the mail was a sore shoulder and feeling overwhelmed.

I don't buy that, but Krueger's motivation really doesn't matter.

We can't have mail carriers dumping mail because of aches and pains and feeling overwhelmed.

He deserved to lose his job. He couldn't be trusted with the mail.

End of story.

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