Thursday, March 12, 2015

Obama's Private Email Account

This is a very straightforward question: "Does President Obama use a private e-mail account for official business, like Hillary Clinton has?"

The White House won't answer.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

Despite the Obama administration's best efforts to distance itself from the controversy over Hillary Rodham Clinton's e-mail practices at the State Department, e-mail-gate may be spilling over into another important office: the White House.

Questions are now coming about President Obama's e-mail practices, and whether he uses a private e-mail account, as did Mrs. Clinton, who held a press conference Tuesday denying claims she did anything improper in using her own private e-mail server and address for government business.

The White House won't say whether the president, who famously won a battle to keep his Blackberry while in office, uses a private e-mail address, citing security concerns.
Not answering the question answers it.

If Obama wasn't conducting official business with a private email account, the White House would be quick to say so.

"We have made clear that part of the security precautions we take around that e-mail account is not talking about it much publicly," White House spokesman Eric Schultz said, according to reports.
Well. That's convenient, isn't it?

Security requires that it can't be discussed.

What a load!

But he did emphasize that all of Mr. Obama's e-mails are being kept and recorded.
Oh, good, good. Yeah, I trust Obama to be keeping and recording all emails. Sure. Right. Yes, my king.
"The President's expectation when sending or receiving an e-mail from any Cabinet Secretary is that's going to be preserved, maintained, and archived in accordance with the Federal Records Act," Mr. Schultz said.
That's BS, like everything else from Obama.

Are we supposed to believe that Obama wouldn't lie about his email habits?

If you trust Obama, you're an idiot.

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