Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Letterman: Bill Murray Cake

It appears that David Letterman wants to go out like Johnny Carson.

Carson's second to last show had guests and was the usual format. The final show was more of an epilogue.

Bill Murray's appearance on Letterman's second to last show seems to mark the last actual Late Show with David Letterman.

Murray was a guest on Letterman's short-lived but very entertaining morning show on NBC. (Remember the Christmas episode?) Murray was Letterman's first guest on Late Night. He was Letterman's first guest when he moved to CBS.

When Letterman announced over a year ago that he would retire in May 2015, I knew Bill Murray would be the last guest. It was a given.

I would not have predicted that Murray would have made his entrance by jumping out of a cake, covering himself and Letterman with frosting.

Here's Letterman's Late Show debut, with guest Bill Murray, August 30, 1993:

Here's Letterman's Late Night debut, with guest Bill Murray, February 1, 1982:

People change a lot in 33 years.

I loved Late Night.


Letterman's musical guest: Bob Dylan, "The Night We Called It a Day"

Introducing him, Letterman called Dylan the "greatest songwriter of modern times."

Too bad Dylan didn't "sing" one of the songs he wrote.

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