Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Susannah Bartlow Fired By Marquette

Removing the mural wasn't enough.

That quick application of paint to cover the mural honoring Assata Shakur, the cop killer, domestic terrorist, Leftist revolutionary, wasn't going to do the trick.

Marquette University has removed Susannah Bartlow, director of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center.

Poor Bartlow.

She's a scapegoat in a way.

Bartlow was just carrying out what has become the New Order at Marquette, yet she has to take the blame when Marquette once again finds itself disgraced in the national spotlight.

Marquette's administration is the problem, not just the underlings.

John McAdams explains:

Bartlow screwed up badly. But the ultimate responsibility lies with top Marquette administrators, who created a large “diversity” and “inclusion” and “gender” and “sexuality” bureaucracy, hired the kinds of bureaucrats drawn to those offices, and now find themselves embarrassed when the predictable things happen.

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