Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Michelle Obama's Oberlin Speech and Mark Levin

Mark Levin really slams Michelle Obama for the speech she delivered on Memorial Day at Oberlin College.

First, he dissects her remarks.

Then, after realizing she delivered her speech on Memorial Day, Levin drowns out her words with "God Bless America."

Listen to both segments here, via The Right Scoop.

MICHELLE OBAMA: And, graduates, with a degree from this amazing school, and all the status and connections that degree confers, you don’t get to have no hands. No, you don’t get to be precious or cautious or cynical. No, not when the earth is warming and the oceans are rising. You don’t get to be cynical. Not when too many young people still languish in communities ripped apart by violence and despair. Not when women still make less than men for the same work. Not when millions of girls across the globe never set foot inside a school. (Applause.) No, not when many young people just like you -- the men and women we honor this Memorial Day –- have sacrificed their lives for your freedom to make your voice heard. You don’t get to have no hands.

"You don't get to have no hands"?


As Levin says, Michelle's speech is "mostly just claptrap Marxist propaganda."

Talking down the country like this, especially on Memorial Day, is troubling.

Michelle and Barack enjoy all the luxuries and all the power of the presidency.

Michelle, America isn't such a bad place, is it?


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