Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama and Cigarettes: Smoking Again?

This belongs in the "WHO CARES?" file.

From MarketWatch:

Is President Barack Obama smoking again?

There has been speculation since the Group of Seven meeting last weekend in southern Germany that Obama might have fallen off the wagon when the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi posted a picture to Instagram that shows the two leaders on a balcony with Obama holding his hands in a way that sure looks as if he’s about to pull a cigarette out of a pack.

It took a few days, but the weighty subject was finally breached at the daily White House briefing. Here is a transcript of the frosty exchange between April Ryan of American Urban Radio Networks and White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

Ryan: There seems to be a picture that is going around making the news with President Obama meeting with the Italian prime minister and he has something in his hand and there is a lot of question about what this white thing is in his hand. Can you tell us, is the president...does he have a pack of cigarettes in his hand?

Earnest: He does not.

Ryan: What was it?

Earnest: I don’t know April, I wasn’t there.

Ryan: I understand, but, I mean, did he tell you what it was?

Earnest: You may not be surprised to hear that I have not raised this with the president today.

Ryan: Well, the president, as you acknowledge, he reads media reports and it is everywhere, this picture with him holding something...


Earnest: I told you, it... they are not cigarettes, let’s move on.
I think not having a plan to deal with ISIS is far more important than whether Obama is smoking.

However, it does appear that the White House may be lying again.

I don't care if Obama still smokes. I don't care at all.

I do care that Obama and his administration believe they can lie to the American people.

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