Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marquette Faculty and Staff Petition - Assata Shakur Mural

Marquette University is a mess.

It is truly sinking into the abyss.

More than sixty Marquette faculty and staff signed a petition supporting the mural honoring Assata Shakur, objecting to its removal.

John McAdams provides the text of the petition and the accompanying letter, along with his analysis.

McAdams writes, "This is a virtual thesaurus of politically correct ways of trying to defend the indefensible." He calls it "downright evil."

Yes, we're talking about good and bad, right and wrong, moral and immoral.

See, Marquette University is allegedly a Catholic Jesuit university.

That, of course, has become questionable. Marquette's purported Catholic identity and its values are disappearing.

More than sixty faculty and staff actually are troubled that a mural glorifying cop killer, domestic terrorist Assata Shakur was removed.

Author of the letter, Stephen Franzoi, Professor Emeritus, Psychology Department, defends the honoring of Assata Shakur, and twists the removal of the mural into an indication of Marquette's failure to tend to African-American and female students.

I agree with McAdams and his analysis.

He concludes:

That sixty-plus people signed this shows how corrupt Marquette has become. It’s true that this is only a small proportion of all Marquette faculty and staff. But this mentality permeates certain departments at Marquette, including two departments integral to a liberal arts education: English and Philosophy. And it’s dominant among the activists who are constantly pushing Marquette to be less and less a Catholic university, or more a citadel of secular political correctness.
Marquette really has a problem.

It is stunning that President Michael Lovell wants to rid Marquette of John McAdams when he's responsible for exposing individuals seeking to undermine Marquette.

McAdams is trying to thwart the university's downfall. He's not the enemy.

I want to know the names of the signers of the petition, but that's a secret.


Are they ashamed of their position? Do they fear the consequences of supporting a mural honoring a domestic terrorist and convicted murderer?

That might be because their position is WRONG, BAD, IMMORAL, certainly not consistent with the values of a Catholic university.

Again, I strongly encourage donors to withhold all financial support from Marquette University at this time.

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