Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Obama Water Bottle: 'Science Says So'

Obama wants you to buy a "Science Says So" water bottle, touting the alleged reality of global warming.

SCIENCE says "there's still time to fight back" against climate change, according to Obama.

For $27, YOU can make a difference. You can save the planet.

Science Says So bottle

Stay hydrated with this one-of-a-kind, 24oz water bottle and fight climate change at the same time.

Made in the USA by Liberty Bottles. Produced from recycled and recyclable, non-toxic materials. BPA-free. Their factory is built with state of the art equipment that uses less energy and conserves resources. They even clean their waste water and recycle their own scrap.
Fight climate change?

The climate has been changing FOREVER.

SCIENCE says so.

The planet is in flux, as always, but now we have to fight it by spending 27 bucks on a water bottle.


I wish Obama would care about science when it comes to human life and fetal development.

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