Thursday, August 6, 2015

Scott Walker and Defunding Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin

As governor, Scott Walker has done a lot to protect the unborn in Wisconsin.

But, there's more to do.

From Media Trackers:

Each year, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin receives millions of dollars in federal Title X funds, and pro-life lawmakers have so far been unsuccessful in convincing their colleagues to end the practice. New videos revealing Planned Parenthood affiliates in other states admitting to dismembering unborn children and selling human fetal body parts have sparked a renewed public debate about the propriety of supporting such a controversial organization with taxpayer money.

...A federal HHS report from last year claims that $3.5 million in Title X funds will be spent in Wisconsin during fiscal year 2015.

While pro-life advocates in Congress debate how to go about denying Title X funds to Planned Parenthood with a supporter of pro-choice policies in the White House, lawmakers here could work with Gov. Scott Walker (R) to end the practice in Wisconsin.

Kansas and Texas have both successfully redirected Title X funds to family planning services that are not affiliated with an abortion provider like Planned Parenthood. Both states used a tiered approach that required state agencies to apply for Title X funds from the federal government, and then distribute those funds based on tiered priorities. County health centers and public clinics received first priority with curtained licensed clinic facilities the second priority for the funds. Planned Parenthood and abortion-providing organizations were placed in a third priority tier that ensures they are not specifically banned from receiving the funds, but in both states the Title X funds were completely allocated under the formula before any funds were available for organizations in the third tier.

State Rep. Andre Jacque (R) is circulating legislation that would establish a similarly tiered system in Wisconsin and, ultimately, allow Gov. Walker and legislative Republicans to deny Planned Parenthood Title X funds regardless of what happens at the federal level.

The tiered approach has withstood legal scrutiny, with a federal district court in Kansas preventing the law from going into effect, only to have its decision reversed, and the law upheld, by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
Walker supports the defunding of Planned Parenthood by Congress.

He has a petition on his campaign website.

That's good, but not good enough.

Wisconsin should enact a plan like Kansas and Texas now.

Go bold.

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