Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Obama, Pope Francis, and Climate Change

This ticks me off:

The Holy Father is being used as a political prop by Obama and his administration.

That offends me as a Catholic.

If Pope Francis ever gets around to speaking out for the unborn, will the White House tweet about that?

Obviously, no chance.

I'm not experiencing any spiritual renewal as a result of Pope Francis' visit. Everything is so political.

Very disappointing.

Maybe there will a be at least one moment that will touch me in terms of my faith. When Pope Benedict was here in 2008, I followed his visit closely. That wasn't as easy to do then because the Leftist media didn't embrace him the way they do Pope Francis.

It was so moving when Pope Benedict went to St. Joseph's Seminary in Younkers and met with the disabled and their caregivers.

The problem with the Pope Francis visit is that it all feels staged and political. I don't think that's the pope's doing. It's the Leftists and their media.

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