Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pope Francis: Circling

The Atlantic initially reported that Obama was late so Pope Francis' plane was kept in a holding pattern.

Later, that report was deemed false.

In an earlier version of this note, I reported that the reason the plane started circling was that Obama and Biden had been running late to the greeting ceremony. However, as a White House spokesman subsequently pointed out, the Pope deplaned at 4 p.m., precisely as scheduled, and the president was on hand to greet him. Others have meanwhile indicated that the Pope’s plane took off early from Cuba, which would explain the flight pattern.
Whatever the reason, the Pope's plane was WASTING JET FUEL AND FOULING THE ATMOSPHERE.

First step in being a good steward of the planet: DON'T BLOW THROUGH JET FUEL NEEDLESSLY.

Why not land a little early rather than add to the climate change crisis?

Crisis? What crisis?

And the pope has a problem with my little air conditioner?

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