Saturday, September 26, 2015

Pope Francis - Mass, Madison Square Garden

I was so glad I chose to watch coverage of the Mass at Madison Square Garden on EWTN.

The emphasis is on God and faith, not politics.

How great to see Cardinal Dolan! I miss him so much.

I hope people were moved by the Mass and reminded what Pope Francis' visit is really about. This isn't a celebrity thing. It's not just hype. We don't worship Pope Francis. We worship and serve God.

Participating in a Mass in such a large venue is an incredible experience, sharing the sacrament with thousands of fellow believers in one place. That's always inspiring.

I love what Cardinal Dolan said at the end of Mass. God is our Father. Jesus is our Brother. Mary is our Mother. Our Church is our family.

Pope Francis concluded by saying to remember to pray for him.


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