Sunday, October 4, 2015

SNL: Polish American Heritage Month

Seth Meyers moved on from the Saturday Night Live Weekend Update desk long ago, leaving a trail of lame Polish jokes behind him.

Current Update anchor Colin Jost followed in Meyers' footsteps with a Polish joke of his own.

COLIN JOST: October is Polish American Heritage Month. For more information about Poland, you can Google it by sticking out your finger and having two other people move the keyboard up and down.

Jost waited for laughs from the audience. He didn't get much.

Michael Che, the other anchor, remarked, "The Catskills are gonna love that one."

I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you'd think after Seth Meyers' lame "Polish Sully" joke you would think NBC would have learned their lesson.

I'm Polish on my mother's side, and I can remember all the stupid jokes which lasted about 10 years from the early 60 r thru early 70s.

One thing I was happy about. The audience didn't think Jost's joke was funny either

I'm no prude, I have laughed at Poland Jokes and I've even told a few.

But Polish Sully and the Google joke last night weren't closed to being funny.

Rayashi said...

Can someone explain me this joke? Did he wanted to say that Poland is so boring that you need to be forced to learn about it? Or it was a reference to something? And why "The Catskills" are supposed to love that? I may not be getting whole context here.

Anonymous said...

What that means?

Mark Moch said...
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Anonymous said...

Jost has been an SNL writer since 2005. I would bet a lot of money that he wrote Meyers' jokes.

For Rayashi, the joke is a reference to how stupid Poles allegedly are--there is an old joke that goes "how many Poles does it take to change a lightbulb? One to hold the bulb, the other 9 to rotate the ladder (or 99 to rotate the house)." In this case, Poles are too stupid to figure out a keyboard.

Jost is a German name, so I wonder if we should really be surprised.


Anonymous said...

Colin Jost is an Anti-Polish Bigot.

Its disgusting that an element of NBC-TV would continue its decades long Anti-Polish Hate jokes, that originated from Nazi German propaganda.

When Anti-Polish TV networks imported these Nazi German subhuman intelligence hate jokes into the US, they RENAMED them as "Polish Jokes".

"Polish Jokes" Origin is Nazi German Propaganda