Sunday, October 25, 2015

Warren Scherer - Just Words?

UWM's "Just Words?" campaign is an initiative to combat microaggressions.

What is that?

It's an effort to control speech and limit what one can say.

Certain terms are deemed inappropriate, unacceptable speech, such as "Nazi," "Third World," "illegal alien," "man up," and "politically correct" (PC). "Lame" and "thug" also made the list.

Warren Scherer is the director of UWM's Inclusive Excellence Center and the man behind the "Just Words?" program.

From Media Research Center:

In order to help students become “citizens of global and diverse communities,” UWM’s Inclusive Excellence Center has created a “Just Words?” initiative to combat microaggressions.

“Microaggression” is defined on a flier for the program as a “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental humiliations, whether intentional or unintentional that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults. Typically based in assumptions and stereotypes.”
According to MRC, Scherer earns $50,500 a year as director of UWM's Inclusive Excellence Center. His mission is to limit "hostile, derogatory, or negative slights and insults."

Keep an eye on Scherer's Twitter account for insight.

Well. That's sort of hostile and derogatory and negative, isn't it?

That's aggression, big time.


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