Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tashfeen Malik: Terrorist

I've been waiting to see a photo of Tashfeen Malik.

A graphic like this would have been understandable on Wednesday, shortly after the attack.

Forty-eight hours later, it was not acceptable to withhold her photo. Authorities/Obama administration clearly didn't want it released.

Now, we finally are seeing the face of Tashfeen Malik, an Islamic terrorist.

Late on Friday, the first photo was released to the public.

She doesn't look like a ruthless, cold-blooded killer; but that's what she was.

This is what a terrorist looks like. This is reality.

I'm sure the Islamic terrorism deniers aren't happy with the image. The deniers are confronted with the fact that Malik looks like a refugee we're supposed to be welcoming to the country.

Oh, that's right. We did welcome her. And she killed 14 innocent people and planned to kill many more.

Nice vetting.

I don't trust the Obama administration to keep us safe.

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