Saturday, January 9, 2016

Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab: Milwaukee ISIS Connection

From FOX6 News:

Federal agents have arrested an Iraqi immigrant in Sacramento, California on a charge that he lied to immigration authorities over his ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) and travel to Syria, and the indictment states the suspect once lived in Milwaukee.

FOX6 News has learned three others were arrested -- and all three are related to the Sacramento suspect. The Sacramento suspect's brother was arrested in Sacramento, while he was visiting his brother. Two other relatives were arrested in Milwaukee. These three people were NOT arrested on terror related charges. All three relatives of the Sacramento suspect live in Milwaukee.

...The initial suspect arrested in Sacramento is 23-year-old Aws Mohammed Younis Al-Jayab. The criminal complaint, filed by the Office of the United States Attorney Eastern District of California says he was born in Iraq, and he emigrated from Syria to the United States as a refugee in October 2012.

Imagine that. A refugee/terrorist lied to authorities. He was asked about his ties to ISIS and he lied.

Boy, I didn't see that coming.

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