Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ted Cruz Releases Mother's Birth Certificate

What is happening?

It's crazy that candidate Ted Cruz is required to release his mother's birth certificate.

From Newsweek:

Ted Cruz's presidential campaign has produced his mother's birth certificate after Republican rivals suggested Cruz might not be eligible for the Oval Office because he was born outside the United States. The campaign provided the certificate—showing his mother, then named Eleanor Darragh, was born in Delaware on November 23, 1934—to conservative news outlet Breitbart.

The campaign's decision to release the birth certificate comes in response to a threat by Democratic U.S. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida to bring a lawsuit challenging Cruz's eligibility for the presidency if he becomes his party's nominee, an increasingly likely possibility.
This is such a non-issue.

Should all candidates be required to release the birth certificates of their parents? The birth certificates of their spouses?

Crazy matter, but smart of Cruz to end this lame distraction.

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