Monday, January 18, 2016

Two Corinthians

Oh, good Lord!

Donald Trump committed the worst flub ever!

Give me a break!

So, a Catholic priest is not considering Trump's citation to be the game changer it's being deemed by both Dems and Republican Trump haters.

I'm in no way shilling for Trump or trying to defend him, but seeing all these Leftists and some Republicans flipping out over "two Corinthians" is pathetic.

Suddenly, everyone is stunned by the allegedly monumental flub of the allegedly Christian Trump saying "two Corinthians," citing it as proof that Trump is a fraud when it comes to his faith.

I am so sick of this silliness.

No one dare question Obama's faith, but crucify Trump.

George W. Bush was mercilessly mocked for being a believer. Sarah Palin, too. Others are mocked for not articulating properly. It's all nuts.

The Leftists, the ones so quick to mock expressions of faith, are now acting like hardcore Biblical experts.

The attacks are just so lame. It's all so aggravating.

Ted Cruz is a natural born American citizen. End of story.

Trump's "two Corinthians" has not exposed him as a fraud. Question his statements about issues, like partial-birth abortion, but don't get bent out of shape on this.

Why can't we talk about issues that matter?

Of course, the Leftists are going to jump all over this stuff. I have a problem with Republicans joining the stupidity.

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