Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Caucus Observations

Finally, we're done speculating. We have concrete results to analyze in Iowa.

Some observations and thoughts:


---Hillary is in trouble. It's Groundhog Day for her, 2008 all over again.

---Democrats proudly embraced the proud SOCIALIST, Bernie Sanders.

---The race between Hillary and Bernie was so close, Martin O'Malley, even with his minuscule support, actually managed to have an impact on the results.

---A dead heat is not a victory for either candidate.


---Don't believe polls. We were supposed to witness the Trump juggernaut. Instead, Donald Trump had to accept second place with a smile. 

---Respecting the process is important. Trump ducking out of a debate just a few days before the caucus was a mistake.

---Turns out Trump wasn't too big to lose. Well, he didn't lose, but he didn't win. Second place is not a victory.

---Jeb, Jeb, Jeb. Time to stop wasting money and let this one go.

---Marco Rubio clearly has momentum. He did an excellent job delivering his post-caucus speech, wisely using the forum to reach a broad audience. If he's not the nominee for president, and I think he could/should be, he belongs on the ticket as the vice presidential nominee.

---Ted Cruz is apparently likable enough. The "everyone hates Cruz" narrative obviously is a false one. Deal with it, Establishment.

---Regarding the awful behavior by the Trump-hating pundits and factions of the Trump-hating conservative media: After months of their tantrums and their incessant mocking of Trump supporters, it's going to be hard for them to regain the respect they've lost among the many of us paying attention to the truly embarrassing spectacle. It wasn't at all necessary to further alienate a significant portion of the electorate. But, they did, utilizing childish terms like "Trumpkins."

---I'm glad Cruz won and I'm glad Rubio did so well.

---What we have is a three-person race.

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