Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscars: Not Entertaining At All

Usually, the Oscars are incredibly boring with a few amusing moments.

This year, the proceedings were boring but also annoying.

Hollywood glamour had to step aside to make way for non-stop liberal preaching.

Chris Rock pummeled "racist" Hollywood from his opening monologue and never let up. He ended his hosting stint of the long night with this: "Black lives matter."

Throughout the god-awful three and a half hours, we heard again and again about how racist the country is. Taped comedy bits highlighted white oppression in the movie industry and society.

Of course, we were also treated to Joe Biden and Lady Gaga's sexual assault consciousness-raising.

And there was the climate change agenda, something the White House chose to stress.

There's more.

Best Picture gave Spotlight producers the chance to call on Pope Francis, by name, to address the Catholic Church's priest abuse scandal.

Was the Pope watching?


Michael Keaton's response to Spotlight taking the top prize was slightly amusing. Slightly.

Overall, this wasn't a celebration of cinema. It wasn't entertaining.

Louis CK's little contribution provided the only really pleasant moments.

If Rock intended to relentlessly push the narrative that racism permeates Hollywood and American society, he succeeded. If organizers of the event meant it to be exploited as a soapbox, they succeeded.

This was most definitely not a fun night.

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